Entry: honeysuckle and hotsauce Saturday, June 11, 2011


they are back They are persistent in the park next to my house. This morning they are permeating the dense, humid air. The breezes are circulating their aroma. Some years ago they had got very bushy and were said to be hiding miscreants and fun couples. They were cut back. They've come back despite official discouraging. I'm happy to see them.
Their aroma can become cloying if the air is hot and still and they have grown too dense. But they are wonderful on a spring day when a breeze stirs them. And they are a natural boon -- a thing you can get for free. The city of Jersey City thinks they are a nuisance and give cover to criminals. True. I think they are a welcome deodorizing element to cover for the garbage that folks throw into the park, too.
And then the name. I'm sure I laughed the first time I heard it -- or smiled. It's so nasty, natural descriptive that it brings on giggling. A favorite song written by Fats Waller is "Honeysuckle Rose" and I'm certain he must have enjoyed -- I know it -- saying these words -- especially the "suckle" part. Though, of course, he didn't write lyrics. His naughtiness is all in the wayward way each instrument approaches the mundane, carefree melody. And, in some versions, he adds ridiculous, double entendre.
But where are the bees? I picked off a few large sprigs of honeysuckle yesterday. I got very close to the bushes -- they grow wild in a place restricted by a wrought iron fence. They have now grown bushy and tall enough to poke through the fence. No bees fed on them. I remember bees before. They were the reason that you didn't walk close to the bushes. They were thick back then. Where are they now? Are they somewhere saying "Where's the honeysuckle nowadays when you're looking for it?"
I say, "Well now where are the bees when you're looking for 'em?"

hotsauce? Is global warming causing colony collapse?



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