Entry: Hail, Full Of Grace Monday, May 31, 2010

Ten years of swimming. This is the pile of clorine-i-fied swimsuits from a decade of water aerobics and swimming self-education that I've collected. Each suit's like a trophy. I can imagine that my industry in the water wore out the fabric so. But they're all threadbare at the seat from the great meeting of gluteus maximus and chemically-treated water.

A fellow aqua-nut told me that I looked graceful when I do the leg sets that we do in class -- that are like exercises at the bar. We work our legs getting a remarkable resistance underwater and a soothing articulation at the same time. This is the big plus for the mature. Aqua aerobics works you hard without pounding you. Water lifts you in spots that take a beating on land -- in upright movement. It challenges you to move the extremities against more resistance than is met on land -- in upright stance and motion. And blissfully no one sees beneath the water. Even silly movements can feel exciting. And extending a leg can feel like Swan Lake when the water buoys it and pushes it and finally you understand what some of those movement teachers were talking about. Shamelessly I lose myself in the pirouette we do with our legs lifted. We are Margot Fonteyn or somebody for those few seconds -- and the water does this -- facilitates this.


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