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Swimming changes lives

After twelve years of swimming and aqua aerobics I'm still roughly the same weight on the scale. BUT IÕve got no muffin-top or chicken wings and I can see my toes 'cause of I got a mini six pack. What I mean by Òsix-packÓ is that I can set my abs and you can see the outline. BUT I donÕt do bare midriff. However, itÕs an accomplishment of some value because I was sort of doughy in the middle before I learned to swim. Swimming Changed My Life I often say to people that swimming -- learning to swim - changed my life. By that I mean that I understand my body differently since that time - since I began to learn swimming. I was at the age that many feel locked into a body of their own making. I realize that I had low expectations for myself so that I had no idea what my level of fitness was. Turns out I can accomplish more physical movement now than I once thought was possible for me. People who were fit as youngsters or were athletic from early age may not get this. I wasn't particularly fit when I was younger. I was energetic and thus active. But I wasnÕt completely sedentary either. It wasnÕt a truly sedentary era. I had a bike, a pair of skates, a hula hoop (I couldnÕt do it well), jump ropes, bat nÕ ball and yo-yoÕs and I walked or rode the bus to the library. However, we had a family car and our parents often mentioned that they hadnÕt had one as kids. The way they told it they walked from one end of Washington to the other and never sat down. Actually, because of segregation, they did walk a long distance as youngsters to go to public school. I wonder why certain exercises and physical expressions become habits and which do not. Why are we fond of expressing certain muscles -- flexing and using and misusing and overusing them -- and neglecting others? ?Why do women focus so keenly on their breasts and forget that itÕs also their CHEST and that there are muscles there that need flexing. I personally believe in opening that chest up in the morning and squeezing those shoulder blades together,then squeezing them back in and inhaling and exhaling until you got some energy going. Five minutes in the morning spent thinking about the chest as a nest for your heart and lungs -- a meditation on making the internal organs hale and hearty and you can get some fire going.Then let the breasts take the public portion of the day. TheyÕre decorative. But I think youÕve got to give something to the chest, too. For me, swimming gives something to the chest -- something good.

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May 29, 2013   06:53 AM PDT
February 22, 2013   06:50 AM PST
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The dogs are dead
September 28, 2012   06:23 PM PDT
And they're still incurring evil from their prior life (ves).
Junior Seau is a good example::The real, a 20-something in her next life, making progress and the gods allow the fake to committ suicide.
AND close the restaurant.

There was a very real perception that bi-racial was much worse for the white than it was for the person of color. The liberal culture, which was designed and promoted with the god's tools to achieve their Apocalyptic goals, screamed racism when there was a very reasonable explanation for this reality::::
In this white punishment known as the United States the person of color has already adopted the disfavors/temptations intended for another race. But by associating/mating with a person of color the white is newly adopting the disfavors of another culture.
And this is the reason why people of color are not welcome in the United States. The gods control everything:::The perception they want to create, the thoughts they want you to have.
People of color can't recover from absorbing the temptations from two cultures. And why they become more and more like so many blacks in America:::Veterans at absorbing the temptations of two cultures.
To further illustrate this is why California's educational system/funding was ranked #1 when California was white:::Education being the basis of the affluent economic system. Now even public higher education has become unaffordable.

The gods placed us all into our own corners of the globe. As such for thousands of years we spent time and reproduced with out own kind.
This is why mobilty/travel, biracial unions/offspring and partaking of other cultures is a sin::::
Each has it's own elements of disfavor, and by experiencing other cultures you are being exposed to these disfavors, which if people may adopt will make their state even worse than prior.
The United States has been considered a "melting pot" where rejects from around the world were sent when kicked out of their motherland.
Remember, this concept of cultural diversity is an element of the liberal platform the gods used to promote societal decay, revealed on the map with the "beast" that is the SanFranciscoBayArea and the spread of social deterioration that spread to the rest of the country and eventually to the entire globe.

As with so many things in this life "less is more". Sex is one of those things. They used the liberal age to promote casual "free" sex intentionally::Combined with "women's lib" and their initiation into the "trenches" of the workplace as well as other issues like alcohol consumption the people experienced a mass masculinization of the females.
The gods use sex as temptation. This is why the most disfavored among us are preoccupied with it. While some may feel being well-endowed is a sign of favor the truth is just the opposite. And often the result is misogyny, a belittling of the favored gender, and stagnation of the people as a whole.
Less is more. When young women experience passing thoughts which say you're doing something wrong instead of fighting or dismissing the thought you should heed the warning. Sadly in today's world too many experience prolonged periods of promiscuity in their lives, whereas if married by 15 like throughout human history this disfavor was avoided.
Don't forget:::It is children who ascend into heaven, and the absence of sexual activity is one reason. Their general innocence is another, which should help you see the destructive nature of adult life in today's society.

Ronald Reagan spent the communist block into submission with defense buildup, and in the process increased the National debt from $1 trillion in 1980 to $6 trillion when he left office.
W charged both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars to the national debt, honest numbers to come.
The gods used W to initiate the "Great Recession" with deliberate legislation/regulation changes, allowing the sub-prime fiasco and corporate irresponsibility/criminal behavior which led to the multi-trillion dollar stimulous package, pocketted by Republican friends and donors::::$5 trillion charged to the National credit card.
This corruption is one element of evil in the party of good. War mongering is another.
Damned if you do, Damned if you don't::::With the Democrats you subscribe to social decay via liberlism, which WILL lead to the Apocalypse. Republicans are being used by the gods to bankrupt the United States, ultimately motivating people to the point of "desperation prayer" once anarchy presides::::Punishment designed to correct your behavior.

The gods behave monsterously in the course of managing Planet Earth but they demand people be good if you are to have a chance to ascend in a future life. Anyone the gods role play telepathically they have a legacy of hurting others, the more they hurt the more eggregious in history their legacy.
Not only is doing the right things important (praying, attoning for your sins, thinking the right way:::accepting humility, modesty, vulnerability), so is avoiding the wrong things important as well:::"Go and sin no more".
Life Challenges
August 27, 2012   01:12 AM PDT
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